Mobile applications are in great demand because of their great use in business ecosystem. When it comes to mobile application development, it itself is a complicated process as it involves proper planning and execution to get appropriate results.

Design: It is the most important part in the app development process because if your application doesn’t possess good interface your application will remain a failure.

Build Strategy: After understanding all about the idea in which mobile application needs to be developed. In this step, you need to sit with your designers, developers and tester to discuss the strategy that you are going to follow in the mobile application development process.

Development of the application: Once you are all setup with the idea and the strategy. Most business individuals now prefer their applications developed for multiple platforms. You can divide the mobile application development process into a number of fragments among your team to work in parallel.

Testing of application: It is also an important step. In this step you need to make sure that your application developed is free from bugs. There are many tools for testing your application for bugs and errors.