Integration of top-notch technologies, applying new development methods in accordance with customer requirements are key indicators of where ventures should focus their efforts.

The technological world is rapidly developing. Mobile and web apps, IoT platforms, AI, 5G, blockchain-based systems, and many other tech products are being adopted to solve different business challenges.


Every year becomes the worse one for cybersecurity specialists. No matter how much developed defenses become, attacking methods are more and more advanced. For most businesses, the transition to remote working increased the risk of breaches due to the higher usage of home networks and personal devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence umbrellas a host of different technologies that are able to process large amounts of customers’ data to provide them with a better and more enhanced customer experience.

Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things is the interconnectivity of computer devices in everyday objects with the help of the Internet. The technology has already been actively used in various industries due to its ability to collect large amounts of data from sensors, process and transfer it through cloud networks.

Big Data

Some studies prove that there are 40 times more bytes in the world than there are stars in the observable universe. So, it is only a matter of time when you’re going to start using it in your business routine because it may become an integral part of modern business processes soon. 

Progressive Web Apps

Show me a person who would wait for an app to be downloaded to use it. These days are gone because modern people prefer a quick fix. They’re much faster and lighter to download than conventional apps, at the same time offering similar to native apps user experience, and notification sending option. Progressive web apps can operate offline and are reported to increase user engagement.